Information for Parents

We understand the importance of the unique relationship you have with your child and therefore appreciate how essential it is for you to understand how the counselling process works.

The aim of counselling is to build your child’s resilience, helping them to cope with the different kinds of issues and emotions that they struggle to deal with in their everyday lives. This is achieved by creating a safe space for them to explore their feelings and by building a trusting relationship with their counsellor.

We often find that children and young people prefer exploring their feelings with someone who is not emotionally involved in their lives. Our counsellors are professionally qualified and skilled listeners and are able to explore thoughts and feelings in an accepting way.

As a parent or carer, we ask that you respect the confidential nature of their therapy. We appreciate that you are concerned about their welfare and may want to know what they talk about in their counselling session. However, due to confidentiality, we are not allowed to discuss anything with you that they have talked about without the prior permission of your child. We hope that you understand that counselling works best when there is a mutually trusting relationship between your child and their counsellor.

What We Do With Your Information