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Our new Chat Facility is coming soon

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

We're almost ready to launch!...

We at Eye to Eye are always looking for new and innovative ways to communicate with children and young people across RCT. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt and improve the way young people across the county get in touch with us, it’s what makes us unique as a local authority service provider.

That’s why in our 28th year of operating, Eye to Eye is proudly awaiting the launch of our new online chat service. It’s an important step forward to ensure that young people have another, more accessible, easy to use service to request help and support.

Thanks to the support of RCT Council and Big Lottery Funding, we are pioneering our new and exciting online chat facility. Along with our trained professionals, we have a dedicated team of support assistants that will be able to monitor the chat service and offer free help, support and signposting to individuals across the county.

This new service will allow young people right across the region to access our counselling support from the comfort of their smartphones, tablets and laptops. We’re delighted to be able to increase our capacity and offer yet another avenue for young people across RCT to get the help and support they need.

We are proud to say that we are growing as a charity, by innovating and breaking new ground, we’re leading the way in finding new ways to connect to our young people in RCT.

That’s why we’re celebrating our 28th anniversary by launching this new online chat service.

We hope you’ll like the new approach and continue to support Eye to Eye as a service provider in RCT.

Here’s looking to the next 28 years!

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