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A Fresh Approach

Updated: Apr 17

After 29 years of providing RCT with youth counselling services, we've refreshed, updated and beginning the next chapter in our journey.

Eye to Eye have been a staple of youth counselling service across RCT for the past 29 years, offering free services to young people between the ages of 10-30 and in our 29th year of operating, we’ve refreshed, revamped and updated our online presence.

I’m sure you would all agree that 29 years of operating is an impressive achievement!

Looking back to when we began in 1995, I can honestly say that it wouldn’t have entered my wildest dreams to think that we’d be in the position we’re in today. I’m genuinely grateful to all our supporters right across the county, particularly Rhondda Cynon Taf Council for their wonderful support for Eye to Eye since its inception.

We’re proud to have so many amazing achievements in our 29 years of operating, but one thing we are immensely proud of is our ability to continually update and improve the way we communicate with children and young people across RCT. We challenge ourselves to move with the times and keep up with the latest trends.

Why? Because as a counselling service to such a young age demographic, it’s vitally important to continue to appeal to the younger generation.

Ever the trend setters, we at Eye to Eye are doing it again!

We’re proud to have successfully updated and revamped once again, not only as you can see with our fresh and new webpage, but also, we’re breaking new ground by introducing a new online service for children and young people across RCT.

We at Eye to Eye are proud to be working on the launch of a our new online chat service, that allows young people to access our counselling service every day of the week. This new and innovative approach allows services users the ability to chat online with our professionals and gives them a further avenue to seek help and support.

That’s why we have invested considerable time and effort to update our webpage.

It’s truly a testament to our amazing staff team that despite the difficulties of the global pandemic that was Coronavirus, we at Eye to Eye managed to keep our services running and at the same time been able to update our digital profile.

We’re celebrating our 29th anniversary this year in style, by updating, improving and offering service users across RCT a brand-new form of online support.

I’m delighted with the results and hope you all try out our new service.

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