Primary Counselling

We have developed a counselling service for year 6 primary school children in RCT. This is a very limited service and our counsellors are only able to work with three very specific issues. These are bereavement, family illness and family breakdown.

Anyone can refer a child to our primary counselling service as long as both child and parent agree. However, before we are able to work with the child; we will need written consent from someone that has parental responsibility.

Our primary counsellors are highly skilled in working with primary age children and are able to adapt the sessions according to the individual child’s needs. They are trained to in both directive and non-directive play.

If you are a parent, guardian or professional and have concerns about a child’s emotional wellbeing, then please telephone our head office 01443 202940 and we can discuss suitability for referral in to our primary school service.

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