Your Information

Understanding your rights when it comes to the information you have shared with us.


What we have

  • We are holding your personal information (Data).
  • You have what we call a “client counselling file” stored by the charity.
  • We can identify you from this file.
  • We will keep it for 10 years
  • It will be looked after confidentially by the person who is in charge of the data here at Eye to Eye.
  • That person is called the Data Controller and you can contact them , because you have rights


What rights you have

  • You can look at your file and have a copy (access)
  • You can ask for information to be put right if it is wrong (rectification)
  • You can ask for your file to be taken off our filing system if it is no longer needed (erased)
  • You can say no to us managing your file (processing)
  • You can take a copy to another place with you (portability)
  • You can tell us you if you are not happy with your file.


What to do now

  • You can do nothing if your happy with us holding your file
  • You can ask to see your file by contacting the Data Controller.


Data Controller       Alison Theaker

Telephone:              01443 202940

E mail :            

What We Do With Your Information