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Trauma Response Team

We are a community based service offering both individual and group support for children, young people, adults, families, communities and first responders after a traumatic event.

Our team consists of three specialist in trauma. Two Response Workers (Youth Lead and Adult Lead) and a Trauma Therapist. 

What we do

Providing a targeted approach to include advice, signposting and support to individuals and communities across RCT, Merthyr Tydfil and Bridgend who have been affected by traumatic events. This includes:

  • Telephone support

  • Group support (community centres; sport clubs; schools; youth clubs and other organisations)

  • Specialist Therapy

  • Trauma-based Educational Workshops


The team are specifically trained in the management of 'Critical Incidents' and providing immediate debrief service to workplace and blue light services that deal with first line response, or have been witness to a traumatic event.


How to get in touch...

Main Office :    

Sarah (Adult Lead) : 

Emily (Youth Lead) :  

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