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Our Team

Our management team are some of the most experienced and dedicated individuals across RCT. We're proud of our talented Eye to Eye family. 

Allison Theaker - Managing Co-ordinator.jpg

Alison Theaker

Head of Services

Christine Binding - School Liason Officer.jpg

Christine Binding

Senior Manager

Alh pic.jpg



Alternative Provisions

and IT Officer

Louise Howell pic.jpg

Louise Howell

Community and Finance Officer

Eye to Eye Counselling Service have a number of experts that are ready and waiting to help you.   

Rhian Davies pic.jpg

Rhian Davies


Emily Evans

Leona Shanley - School Counsellor.jpg

Leona Shanley

liz 1_edited.jpg

Liz Bogunovic

Sarah-Wynne Jenkins pic.jpg

Sarah Jenkins

Lily Jones pic.jpg



Claire Duffy

Dawn Thomas pic.png

Dawn Thomas

Kelsey Baker webpic.jpg

Kelsey Baker

Sue Barrow - School Counsellor.jpg

Sue Barrow


Diane Johnson

Alana Williams - School Counsellor.jpg

Alana Williams

Amy Simmonds pic.jpg

Amy Simmonds

Jessica Price webpic.jpg

Jessica Price


Tina Rees


Lydia Lucas

Profile Pic.jpg

Gemma Edwards

Ben Sears webpic.jpg

Ben Sears

Community Counsellors

We also have a large team of exceptional Community Counsellors who offer expert support in centres right across RCT.  

As our Head of Service...

Our Trustees

We are governed by a board of dedicated trustees who volunteer their time and expertise to oversee all of our work.

Our Trustees:

David Stone (Chair)

Kevin McDonald (Vice Chair)

Dafydd Morgan

Linda Michel

Gareth Bishop

Joy Nicholls

Peter Griffiths

Debbie Page-Evans

If you're interested in becoming a trustee, please just get in touch.

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